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ClickersPTC Review

Post by Peter on Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:11 pm

Update: This site hasn't made payments since February. It seems abandoned.

ClickersPTC is a PTC site where you can earn money by clicking ads, watching videos, getting referrals, and signing up on websites. There is no minimum payout for Paypal. The minimum for Payza is $1 and the minimum for Liberty Reserve is $0.10. You can also get Amazon gift cards (minimum $0.15). They also promise to double your payment (up to $0.50) if you do not receive it within 72 hours after requesting it. You need to send a support ticket for them to verify if you have not received your payment after 72 hours. However, payments over $0.50 do not qualify for this. You can watch videos and earn $0.005 for each. This is the quickest way to earn money on this site because there are not many ads. There are also several small contests. The member with the most referrals each week receives $0.05. Each month, 3 tickets are drawn randomly and the members who own those tickets will receive $0.05. You earn tickets by clicking the ads, surfing the traffic exchange, referring members, and making purchases. Lastly, there is the daily click contest. The top 3 members with the most clicks will receive 25 link credits.

Referral Program:
* 25% Referral Earnings

* 2,000 Hits for $1.00
* 20,000 Banner Views for $1.00
* 9 Sign Ups for $0.90

* Forum
* Video Wall
* No Minimum Payout For Paypal
* Contests
* 72 Hour Promise

* Lack of Ads


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