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GoSignUps Review

Post by Peter on Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:10 pm

GoSignUps is a PTSU (Paid To Sign Up) site, where you get paid to sign up on websites. When you sign up, you will get a $0.03 sign up bonus which can be cashed out! You can already cash out before you even do any sign up offers. Payments are automatically issued via Paypal on Mondays. Advertisers have 2 days to either approve or deny the sign up before it is automatically approved.

As stated above, this is a Paid To Sign Up site. You will get a list of sites, like the one below. After you sign up, copy & paste your username and submit it. You will receive $0.04 for each sign up that credits for you, and $0.02 for each of your referrals' sign ups.

* $5.00 For 50 Sign Ups
* $3.00 For 100,000 Banner Views

Referral Program:
* $0.02 Per Referral Sign Up

* Sign Up Bonus
* Good Referral Program

* No Forum


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