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DreamGPT Review

Post by Peter on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:01 am

DreamGPT is a GPT site where you can earn cash or points. The minimum payout on this site is only $0.10, so it should be fairly easy to reach. There is a monthly referral and offer contest. The 1st place prize for the referral contest is $20.00, and the 1st place prize for the offer contest is $10.00 plus 100% of whatever you earned from the offers. You can cash-out with Paypal or Liberty Reserve, and you can use points to redeem a $1.00 or $5.00 Amazon gift card. Points and cash can be converted. You can also advertise on this site, but it's expensive and may turn advertisers away. 1,000 PTC credits on a 5 second timer is $14.00! Overall, this seems like a nice new GPT with a low minimum payout.

Referral Program:
* 25% Referral Earnings
* 25% Referrals' Purchases

* Low Minimum Payout
* Shoutbox
* Contests

* Expensive PTC Advertising

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