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RuleBux.Info Review

Post by Peter on Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:47 pm

This site is no longer recommended.

RuleBux is a new Aurora PTC. Since this is a new site, there might be changes made. The minimum payout for Paypal has already been raised from $0.01 to $0.25. I was able to cash out right before they raised the minimum, and my payment was sent within a few hours. There are several complaints on their forum about LibertyReserve payments not being sent though. However, the minimum payout shouldn't take long to reach if you are active each day. There are some contests, but these will probably change. Currently, there is a $10.00 weekly referral contest, a $5.00 monthly purchase contest, and a $5.00 click contest.

* 1000 Hits For $1.00
* 10 Signups For $5.00
* 1000 Banner Views For $0.50
* Featured Link Rotation - $5 Per Month
* 1000 Paid Email Hits For $1.50

Referral Program:
* $0.0001 Per Unique Hit To Referral Link

* Forum
* Low Minimum Payout
* Contests

* Changes
* Complaints About LibertyReserve Payments
* Unstable?
* Bad Support

I did receive my Paypal payment within a few hours of cashing out. However, when I cashed out with Liberty Reserve, it was marked as paid, but I did not receive the money in my LR account. The admin has yet to respond to my support ticket. Others have complained on the forum of similar problems.

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