Tips On Getting Offers To Credit

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Tips On Getting Offers To Credit

Post by Peter on Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:47 pm

It can be very frustrating when you complete an offer but it doesn't credit. Evil or Very Mad Here are some tips on getting offers to credit.

1. Clear your cookies between offers. Most of these companies track cookies and they are looking for new customers. NEVER clear cookies DURING an offer.

2. Use a valid email address. I recommend creating an email account specifically for offers if you don't want to get spammed. Do not use a disposable email because most offers will not accept that as valid.

3. Do NOT rush through. Let all pages load completely before moving on to the next page. If you click through and don't let the pages load, you might not get the credit.

4. Use a valid address/phone number. Addresses can easily be verified by the advertiser so 1234 Main St. will not work. You can go to your local Yellow Pages or look online for houses that are for sale and use that address. For a valid phone number, you can use the "Rejection Hotline" (212-660-2245). Some offers accept it, some don't.

5. Read the questions on surveys. Lots of times they will throw in a trick questions like "Please select 4" to check if you are paying attention. Watch out for these questions.

6. Do EXACTLY what the offer requires you to do. If it says click on 2 advertisements, click on at least 3 or 4.

7. Don't do a bunch of offers for the same advertiser back to back. For example, if you just did a RadiumOne offer, switch to a PeanutLab offer.

8. If you are doing the same offer on a different site, use different information. For example, if you are doing the RewardTV offer on Swagbucks and then you do it again on Points2Shop, use a different email to sign up.

9. Be patient as some offers may take up to an hour to credit. Not all offers credit instantly.

10. For video offers, just let the entire video run without skipping around. You can mute it and minimize it.

11. On Search & Win sites like Rewards1, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, etc..., use them when you are doing a geniune search. Don't just type "aksdkjflk" and keep refreshing. They have a system which can detect this and they may ban you from the using the search feature.

Also note that some offers which are outdated/expired/broken will not credit. If you click on an offer and it says something like "Campaign no longer available, redirecting to another offer" - it will not credit. The most recently added offers are more likely to credit. If you are able to access an offer, there is a pretty good chance that it is able to credit.

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