Referral Guide Part 1

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Referral Guide Part 1

Post by Peter on Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:44 pm

Most of the top earners on GPT sites sit back and let their referrals do their earning for them. Getting a lot of referrals is probably the easiest way to earn a lot of points/cash without doing any work. However, your referrals have to be active. Lots of people will just sign up and not log on again. Here are some ways that you can get referrals:

1. You can use the site above to get referrals. Earn credits by signing up under other people and clicking on links. You can then post your referral when you get enough credits.

2. Create a Youtube video. This is how most people get a lot of referrals. Create a Youtube video about the site that you are referring to. There are sites like EnhanceViews and Vagex that you can use to increase your views and subscribers.

3. Make a blog. Also, make it about something that lots of people will search for (i.e. Free Amazon, Free Xbox Live, etc...) - These terms are searched thousands of times a day.

4. Put the link on your Facebook/Twitter. Put up your link and encourage others to sign up. Put up a picture of a prize that you got so your friends know that it's not just a scam. You can also send it to a friend in a private message. Tell them about the site and that it's legit.

5. Yahoo Answers. Post your referral link on answers to questions that ask "How do I make money online?", etc...

6. Go to a chatroom and ask if anyone wants free gift cards, xbox live, etc... If someone asks you how, send them the referral link.

7. When someone does sign up under you, send them a message and answer any questions they might have. This way, they know that they can ask you for help.

8. Put your referral link on your forum signature. This might not get you too many referrals but a couple of people will probably click on it. Make it something that will grab their attention like "FREE 1000 MSP!".

9. Mask your referral link with a url shortener like A lot of people don't click on the referral link because they might look up the site to see if it's legit and then they won't sign up with your referral link. This way, they don't know what the site is and they have to sign up through your link.

The way that most people get their referrals is through Youtube. You can also create a video on a topic that a lot of people will view and put something in the description about how you got free xbox live, msp, etc...

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