ZZQ Quiz Offer Guide

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ZZQ Quiz Offer Guide

Post by Peter on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:18 pm

ZZQ Quiz Offer Guide

1. Enter your email address. You must use a new, valid email address each time you complete this offer. I recommend using mail.com since you can add alias addresses.

2. Check you email for the PIN code and copy & paste it.

3. Enter the information required. You should use your real name and information to avoid getting banned. I don't recommend putting your real address or cell phone number however. You might end up getting billed.

 4. Choose YES to at least 2 offers. This does not mean that you will actually need to complete those offers.

5. Once you reach the end, you must post the results to one of the social networks listed. You can create a secondary Facebook account to use for this.

6. Make sure to submit the offer after completing it so you will receive credit!

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