Power Surveys Review (No minimum GPT)

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Power Surveys Review (No minimum GPT) Empty Power Surveys Review (No minimum GPT)

Post by Peter on Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:27 pm

Update: The site is closed

PowerSurveys has no minimum payout. That's right, you can withdraw Paypal when you reach $0.01. You can also advertise on this site. You can advertise your site to have people sign up. You also get to approve the paid-to-sign up offers that you own. You may custom order anything from Amazon also. The community does not seem very active and there is no forum but they are paying. There are daily surveys and easy offers. Overall, this is a good site if you are looking for a GPT with no minimum payout. Sign up by clicking the banner above.

Referral Program:
* 1% Referral Earnings

* No Minimum Payout
* Custom Order
* Advertising

* No Forum
* Offer Credit Rate
* Inactive Community
* Bad Referral Program (Earn 1% of referral earnings)

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