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Post by Peter on Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:22 pm

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Minute Workers is a Paid to Sign Up site. There is a list of tasks for members to complete for money. Most of these tasks involve signing up to a site or signing up, completing offers, and being active. Other tasks may include: completing a survey, downloads, bookmarking a page, posting on a forum, voting, etc... You can also earn from posting on the forums! You earn $0.01 per post or thread started. The minimum to cash out from forum posts is $2. There are two methods to withdraw earnings. With the early payment method, you only need a minimum of $2 to withdraw, but there is a fee of 10% deducted from your earnings. If you use the normal payment method, you will need a minimum of $10, but there is no fee. The two payment processors are Paypal and Payza. Tasks are listed by members, so you can create your own task and pay for people to complete it.

Referral Program:
* $0.05 Per Referral Sign Up
* $0.10 Bonus When Referral Completes First Task

* Earn From Forum Posts
* Two Payment Options

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