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Post by Peter on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:11 pm

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WARNING: You cannot cash out with this site. You can only use your earnings to buy PTC advertising.

This is a PTC site, where you can click ads, read emails, complete tasks, or play the AdGrid to earn money. Unfortunately, this money can only be used to buy advertising. You must upgrade in order to be able to cash out. If you join this site, I would not recommend upgrading, but that is up to you. There are many ads to click for standard members each day (around 80). You will make probably around $0.35 per day if you are a standard member. This money can be transferred to your purchase balance. The pay per click is $0.0045 for each ad. The ads are all 20 seconds each. Since every advertisement is 20 seconds, it is not cheap to buy advertising here. This site also had a hacking incident, so I would strongly recommend using a different password than your payment processor on these sites. Overall, this site is more like a traffic exchange for standard members. I would not recommend it if you want to make money, only if you want traffic to your site or you are advertising something.

PTC (Paid To Click) -
* 500 Hits - $5.00 (20 Second Timer)
PTR (Paid To Read) -
* $0.04 Per Email
Banner Advertising -
* 10000 Views - $4.00

Referral Program:
* $0.0001 Per Referral Click
* You will not receive referral earnings if you do not remain active and click ads daily.

* Many Ads
* Twitter Page
* Forum

* Restrictions
* Hacking Incident
* Standard Members Cannot Cash Out
* Expensive Advertising

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