How To Get Free 100 Microsoft Points Weekly

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How To Get Free 100 Microsoft Points Weekly

Post by Peter on Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:11 am

Step 1: Sign up on Bing Rewards by clicking the banner above. Once you have signed up, log in and complete the tour. It should credit a point to your account.

Step 2: Make 15 valid searches on Bing. This will credit 15 points to your account.

Step 3: Complete the daily offer. This will also credit a point to your account. At this point, you should have 17 points in your account.

Step 4: Return the next day and repeat steps 1 - 3. If you do this daily, you should have enough points for 100 MSP in a week! The limit is 15 searches per day on most days. Occasionally, there are some days where the limit is 30. You can also refer your friends to earn 5 points for each that sign up.

Step 5: Once you have 120 points, go to the redeem tab and redeem the 100 MSP, which will be sent to your email. Very Happy


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